ZiZkov-about our area.

We absolutely Love ZiZkov!

To go on a little driving tour  with Bohemian Retro owner Rebecca around our neighborhood  and showing you other great local businesses and restaurants etc close to the shop …..click on the below videos!

…click here  for Part 1

click here for part 2

Video in 360 so don’t forget to look around and enjoy the fabulous buildings!

Bohemian Retro Fashion Show on Nam. Jiriho Z Podebrad . Prague 3.

We have been based in Zizkov . Prague 3. CZ. for over 10 years now.

Check out this 360 Video from Zizkov  …including of Bohemian Retro !

Check out THIS Video.(…filmed by David Biskup for his Vlog )  to see the journey from Nam. Jiriho Z Podebrad..the closest metro stop in Zizkov.. to Bohemian Retro Via the TV tower which looks like a spacerocket and the beating heart of Zizkov culture “Palac Akropolis” …more on that later…

It’s a vibrant fun and beautiful neighborhood full of restaurants, bars, cafes parks and independent shops run by locals.

Bohemian Retro Fashion Show. during street festival on Borivojova street. ZiZkov. Featuring Prague Roller Derby Team !

Relatively tourist bustle free yet very foreigner friendly this is a neighborhood full of beautiful and interesting Bohemian folk from all around the world living together very happily!

Every year we have a  “MasoPust ” (Mardi Gras) parade in the streets of Zizkov ..check out this great footage of the event from Feb 14th 2018.

Here we will give away some local secrets…not all of them .. because ZiZkov is PACKED with little hidden fabulous places and it would take us forever to know them all!!