Be.X.Bohemian FolkPunk

A Collection Of Bohemian Folk Punk  inspired clothing and jewelry made with Vintage components.

By Rebecca Eastwood.

Some pieces are hand embroidered vintage linen…others are heavily pleated wraparound full skirts made from vintage fabric from 1940-1980.

Each piece is totally unique.
Vintage Lace, Vintage costume jewelry ,Clothing, fabric, hardware, found items and sewing accessories are used to create a unique and original collection which uses the finest quality fabrics and a unique sense of style to make stunning art/fashion pieces.

“Each item in the collection is designed around a specific piece of Vintage fabric…I love the challenge of making clothing from these precious and delicate fabrics from the past – the quality is far beyond what we can find easily today .”


Available only  at Bohemian Retro.